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Timetable 2017


Studio Term Dates for 2017

Term 1  Monday 23rd Jan Saturday 1 April
Term 2 Monday 17th April Saturday 24th June 
Term 3 Monday 10th July Saturday 16th September 
Term 4 Monday 2nd October Friday 8th December 

Calendar of Events for 2017

Summer Dance Intensive – January 13th to 15th (3 Day)
Dancelife Unite - March 19th (Gold Coast/Tweed)
Brisbane Eisteddfod - May 19th to 29th 
BPAC Dance Challenge - June 1 - 11th
USA Dance Tour - Departs June School Holidays
RAD Ballet Exams – July/August
Gold Coast Eisteddfod – August 12th - 27th
Australian Dance Festival Sydney - September 15th - 17th
End of Year Production – Friday December 8th (Arts Centre Gold Coast)

2017 Timetable

  Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
4 - 5pm 12's Performance Tap 8/U Performance Tap 10's Performance Tap
5 - 6pm 12's Performance Hip Hop 8/U Performance Jazz  
6 - 7pm  10/u & 12/U Jazz Class Senior Hip Hop Private Lesson
7 - 8pm Adult Jazz Open / Pointe Class  
10 - 11.30am   Open Pro Ballet Class  
3.30 - 4pm   Pre Primary Ballet  
4 - 5pm Grade 1 Ballet Primary Ballet Grade 2 Ballet
5 - 6pm 6/U Performance Class Grade 4 Ballet Grade 3 Ballet
6 - 7pm Junior Hip Hop Intermediate Ballet Advanced 1 Ballet
7 - 8pm Open Advanced Hip Hop Inter Foundation Ballet Grade 5 Ballet
4 - 5pm Private Lesson Junior Jazz  
5 - 6pm Senior Performance Tap Junior/ Inter Tap Class  
6 -7pm Senior Performance Jazz Teen Jazz Class  
7- 8pm 15/U Performance Class Intermediate Hip Hop  
9.15 - 10am Pre School Dance Class    
10.15am Adult Tap Class Open Pro Ballet Class  
4 - 5.00pm Primary Ballet Grade 1 Ballet Grade 2 Ballet
5 - 6.00pm Intermediate  Ballet (1.5 hr) Grade 3 Ballet Intermediate Foundation 
6.30 - 7.30pm Senior Technique Grade 4 Ballet (6pm) Grade 5 Ballet (6.00pm)
7.30 - 8.30pm Senior Contemporary  Junior Contemporary (7pm) Private Lesson

4 - 5.00pm Private Lesson Private Lesson  
5 - 6.00pm Show Group Rehearsal Private Lesson  
6 - 7.00pm Show Group Rehearsal Private Lesson  

8.15am Junior Acrobatics Advanced 1 Ballet  
9.15am Senior Acrobatics Mini's Jazz  Junior Singing  
10.15am Junior Musical Theatre Mini's Tap   
11.15am 10's/12's Performance  8/U Performance Class Senior Singing
12.15pm Senior Musical Theatre Lunch  
1.15pm Lunch Private Lesson Private Lessons
2.00pm Senior Performance Private Lesson Private Lessons
4.00pm Finish