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Sheridan's Studio 1

Sheridan Vollenweider former world-class professional dancer/choreographer, established Sheridan's Studio 1 in October 1999. Sheridan's Studio 1 is one of the Gold Coast's leading Dance Studios situated right in the heart of the Gold Coast.
The Centre consists of 3 fully equipped, airconditioned professional dance studios and a diverse panel of highly skilled teachers and educators who offer all styles of dance classes including RAD Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics, Acting, Lyrical, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Singing and Performance.


Sheridan is a motivated, dedicated and passionate Choreographer and Dance Educator with 30 years experience in the industry. Having travelled the world dancing professionally for many years gaining, diverse experience, with performing, choreography, television, stage production, dance company management and dance captain roles, Sheridan has become a creative and committed professional, with extensive attributes and a passion for theatre and dance.
A committed dance teacher and choreographer, Sheridan's expertise lies in working with students of all experience, specialising in RAD Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Adagio, Musical Theatre and Stage Performances.
Sheridan possesses a track record of Producing, directing and choreographing many stage shows and performances for theatres, corporate events, Disney Magic Music Days, and her company Dancer's Ink.
Continuing professional development and constantly striving to keep up with the latest styles and trends in the industry Sheridan's Studio 1 has highly skilled professionals working and teaching along side her.
It is the long-term goal of Sheridan's Studio 1, to combine appropriate teaching skills with sound dance technique and to teach and nurture our student's with discipline, dedication and love.

Professional Teaching Staff

Sheridan Vollenweider (RAD, RTS)
Lorraine Miller
Brooke Schembri
Tiarne Howe
Gailene Colson-Howe (RAD, RTS)
Arna Dess (ARAD, RTS)
Chase Vollenweider
Ngavaine Tearea
Brooke Schembri
TK Patara
Ashlee Fisk
Sophie Scott (Singing)
Ben Nicolodi (Acrobatics)
Jemma Pearl
Chase Vollenweider
Kylie Smith
Heidi Jennings
Dance improves co-ordination and balance and instills discipline to the mind and body. It is a highly technical form of art, that demands expression through movement and requires years of proper training to develop such skills. Unfortunately there are no short cuts. Strengthening and stretching muscles, correct body alignment, control and balance, focus and dynamics as well as disciplining the mind to understand the complexity of step combinations, are all part of correct dance training. To learn takes time and error and therefore we must insist on a process of slow measured and monitored development of a student to ensure both health and technical proficiency. There is no instant perfection in learning to dance. Students can enjoy the art form while cultivating a love of music and if nothing else, acquire grace, poise and confidence, which will put them ahead of their peers!
As Director and Principal Choreographer of Sheridan's Studio 1, I welcome you and trust you will enjoy your time spent here. May you always have happy memories of your dancing years...
Miss Sheridan
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